A Million Smiles


OneChalé, is a charity organization established in 2020 to drive sustainable social change in rural communities. Our projects and activities are committed to solving social needs, improving lives, and creating opportunities for self-development.

OneChalé is primarily funded from the proceeds of Chalé Clothing.

So far, we have donated over 500 educational materials and shoes with plans to reach I million smiles in the next 5 years.

We are passionate about making a lasting impact in creative communities that have shaped us into who we are today with our purpose to empower, promote and supplement the educational and skills needs of the people in these rural communities.


To create 1 million Smiles for people in rural and creative communities


Charitable Donations

In most rural communities today, children could barely afford basic clothing and educational materials to facilitate their educational endeavors. Our approach is to support these children with shoes, books, pencils, pens, and other relevant gift items to encourage them to join their peers in school and promote creativity.

Skills Training

People in these rural communities are well-known for their creative prowess. They have been producing kente cloth for generations but with rural-urban migration still on the increase, many of them are abandoning this trade for non-existing jobs in the city. Through our skills training initiatives, we would support in enrolling individuals into vocations that will equip them to be self-dependent.

Sports and Arts Development

Through the OneChalé project, we are committed to identifying, nurturing, and developing talents in the area of sports and arts. With our initiatives, we hope to support and create opportunities for persons in the sports and creative arts for the cultural and social good of our communities.


This is our flagship campaign usually held in December of every year. The One Million Smiles Project will take us back to these communities every year to put smiles on the faces of these children.